Field testing

Swiss Luggage SL performs for everybody

The following three videos show you how Swiss Luggage suitcases master critical situations and extraordinary challenges. Nothing for the faint hearted … (you might be tempted to grin though). The third video explains how you can master your own travel and every day adventures - thanks to the robustness of Swiss Luggage.

Breath taking and very reliable


What sort of film could show the qualities of the most solid and beautiful suitcase? Swiss Luggage SL 67 is one of the most extravagant mid size suitcases on the market. So we asked wing suit pilot Matthias Wyss what he would do with it if he had the permission to do whatever he thinks is useful for him. Ok, what he does is not exactly what one might describe as day to day usage. But the example shows the solidity and beauty of the SL 67. Watch this exceptional and funny clip. And please: don't imitate! Swiss Luggage will excite you even if you are not travelling in a wing suit.

If only James Bond had known about it


Special assignment for the multimedia students Mauro Walker and Alesch Jufer: Create an entertaining and informative story about Swiss Luggage and show why it is the best. Watch the clip. It's amusing and you might find: If James Bond had had the choice he would have chosen a Swiss Luggage suitcase to be his companion in turmoil and action! When Swiss engineers developed the most reliable and elegant baggage system they certainly didn't envisage the "James Bonds" of this world to be the customer. This suitcase is made to perform during civil missions and to deliver great service in the everyday adventures of a traveler. But you can always learn from the toughest …

Security and beauty in daily life


There are many who don't jump from rocks or swim in dangerous waters on an every day basis. Like you and me. But we also have to survive our adventures: How do I and does my luggage travel safely from A to B? How can I make sure that thieves got no chance? And how does that all happen with elegant and stylish attitude? This introduction video shows you several security appliances which come with a piece of Swiss Luggage. They are brilliantly engineered and stop undesired adventures from happening. For wing suit pilot, secret service agent or just a human being: Swiss Luggage performs for everybody.