Swiss Luggage SL AG and Echolac 1964 are joining forces

East meets west

East meets West - this is probably the best way to describe the merger of the two brands Echolac and Swiss Luggage SL AG. Swiss Luggage and Echolac have decided to work closely together in a joint venture starting from January 2020. This creates synergies which help to further advance the development of the perfect suitcase.

Positive Power is unleashed when people from different origins meet and learn from one another. Echolac was founded in Japan in 1964. It developed the world’s first ABS attaché case in 1965. Even today, after more than 50 years, the Echolac brand still embodies beauty, elegance, detail, precision and quality. Swiss Luggage SL AG is operating from the heart of Switzerland for 20 years now. Its carbon collection impresses with technical innovations, high-quality materials and its relaxed user experience.

Echolac and Swiss Luggage have a lot in common, predominantly the shared passion of making travelling as pleasant as possible. The two brands stand for suitcases you can rely on - with quality and elegance.

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