Philosophy and Vision

Swiss Luggage provides design for world travelers. The quality of the products meets highest standards. Technical innovation, premium materials and user experience: they put Swiss Luggage in the position of an industry leader when it comes to baggage systems.

Swiss Luggage is all about security, reliability, design and about being proud of creating perfection and elegance even for day to day objects. This connects the companey with the need and the pride of its customers. The engineers continuously perfect the products in exchange with customers and testers. Swiss Luggage will stay ahead of the industry also in the future.

Important stages of the company history

Many years of testing, innovation and patents

- Two entrepreneurs from Berne cooperate to solve a fundamental problem: developing the very stable and lightweight suitcase.
- Foundation of Swiss Luggage in 2000.
- Invention of the pressclave production process which enables the usage of carbon fibres for building suitcases - cooperation with ETH Zurich and University of Applied Sciences Burgdorf.
- Designer Martin Iseli creates the Swiss Luggage design.
- Patent of the locking system
- 2019: strategic partnership with Echolac in order to boost the global position of Swiss Luggage.


For a lifetime of travel

Swiss Luggage is located in Langenthal - one of the few design centers of Switzerland. The company is family owned. Swiss Luggage has registered several patents. Highest quality standards have to be met by the partners of Swiss Luggage. Registered patents:
"Pressclave" production method for hard shell suitcase (2002),
suitcase with swivel castor (2009),
theft protection (2011),
opening mechanism (2013).

Echolac: Strategic partnership with a brand which creates beauty, precision and admired design since more than 50 years.
Sudhaus: Innovation leader for locking systems - since 1844.
University of Applied Sciences Burgdorf, Department Technical Engineering: Engineering support.
University Bern: Development of fibre composite material.
ETH Zürich: Creation of prototypes.
Gimelli Engineering AG: Specialized for innovation in product and production design.