Brand promise

Swiss Luggage SL – comprehensive warranty

Uncompromisingly secure, exclusive and high-quality – this is what distinguishes Swiss Luggage SL from ordinary mass-produced products in the upper price segment. Two aspects are decisive for quality: Swiss Luggage SL items are sturdier and more robust than other products. And should something happen nonetheless, the repair work is carried out in a quick, uncomplicated and competent manner. Naturally, even beyond the comprehensive 5-year warranty.


5 years without limits on your air miles

No other luggage system available from an international retailer or in any of the world’s most exclusive boutiques will come close to the solidity of Swiss Luggage SL. Understandably enough – it’s Swiss engineering. The main material – carbon fiber – is almost indestructible, and is able to withstand pressure and impacts like no other. It’s a nice assurance: whoever chooses Swiss Luggage SL can count on a lifelong companion. Still, there’s the possibility of unforeseen events or tampering, meaning that in very rare cases, a part can become damaged. No need to worry, Swiss Luggage SL is no disposable product: we guarantee repairs.


Our services are a point of honor.

Cases from Swiss Luggage SL consist of 350 individual components, and these are not glued together but carefully screwed. This means that every component can be replaced in just a few simple steps.
So, should your Swiss Luggage SL case become damaged within the five-year warranty period (excluding signs of wear), send it to us and we will return it within a short time in full working order and "ready to travel" again.

And after five years? As with Swiss watches, Swiss Luggage SL won’t let you down even after the warranty period has expired.